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1. ab_linkbm To Create Bookmarks and Links. This program runs Autobookmark in batch from a rul similar the old InfoLinker rul. It creates both bookmarks and links for all PDFs in current directory. Your cost $89.99 compared to New InfoLinker Plus software ☛ ($2400/license + $363/year support)
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4. ab_srindex ** This program searches PDF INDEX for a list of words/sentences, automatically save results in PDFs, CSV, txt files. Index may include thousand PDFS or only one. User can ask us how to search sensitive words on image / photos.
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Sample Rul 1 | Sample Rul 2 | Sample master external

The following rul designed for converting InfoLinker rul to use in Autobookmark.

*** A. Bookmarking (Always on Top) ***


#IMPORTBMK template_A1_IMPORT.txt
#WORDSBMK template_A1_WORDS.txt

#CRBKMARK template_A1_HEADERS.abm
#CRBKMARK template_A1_FIGURES.abm
. . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .

#FINDREPLACEBMK (searching words) FOR (replaced words)


*** B. Linking (Always Follow A Section)***


. . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .



*** Autobookmark EXTERNAL LINKS***

#FONTSIZE 10,0.1
#WORKDIR "../BB2M201M2X11"
#CMDLINE "BB2M201M2.pdf \sh"

BB2M201(\s|\W) <<COVER

*** END ***

** If the PDF does not have its own rul, ab_linkbm.exe program will change all of its current links to upper case, then close and continue with next PDF. Therefore, users can use ab_linkbm.exe program as to convert all links to uppercase.

** For version 5.8 it is better to use #DPAGES and no need for #NAME command

** SECTION (A. bookmark) always before SECTION (B. Linking.)

** Internal links section can put before or after External links section

** Declared #NAME limits to 64 elements/lines. Programs will take more time for undeclared #NAME, and automatically convert to PAGE 1 (OCR 1) if wrong or undeclared #NAME .

** absoftware will compare and take the latest rul from the current PDF folder or from C:\autobookmarklib\RULES_bmk. The old rul will be updated.

** SKIPEXT. For any line contains the word "SKIPEXT", program will skip the following line until it encounter command #WORKDIR or #PDFFILEPATH . It is useful when users want to skip all inputs for a specific external reference.



[Ff]igures?\s(\d\d?-)\s*(\d+[A-D]*)\W <<SKIPEXTFIGURE \1\2

** To disable any line, please take out # and << sign. Another way is to add \\\ on the begin of the line (This method is used for the converting the old InfoLinker ruls)

[Ff]igures?\s(\d\d?-)\s*(\d+[A-D]*)\W <dd<FIGURE \1\2

\\\ Off]figures?\s(\d\d?-)\s*(\d+[A-D]*)\W <<FIGURE \1\2

Photos courtesy by |

** ab_linkbm.exe will read all line contain symbol # and symbol << as the input and ignore all of other lines. That means you can add your own remark/note at any location, avoid to add on the same line containing # and <<. ** Still, ab_linkbm.exe ignore file have more than two ## consequently.

** The symbol # (the number sign, hash,or pound sign) ... denote the line is a command. You may take a look at all other command below for ab_linkbm.exe

☛ Full Command List 

This command tell ab_linkbm.exe to remove all previous bookmarks to create all new. If you want to keep the current bookmark and add extra bookmark, you should remove this command, or just remove the pound sign # (RMBKMARK)

This command tell ab_linkbm.exe to remove all previous destination to create all new. If you want to keep the current bookmark and add extra bookmark, you should remove this command or just remove the pound sign # (RMDESTINATION)

This command tell ab_linkbm.exe to create bookmark based on the abm file. The abm file created by Autobookmark function Generate Bookmarks.

This command tell ab_linkbm.exe to create bookmark based on the text in template_JG_IMPORT.txt. For example, the template_JG_IMPORT.txt tell program to create a bookmark COVER for the first Page.

This command tell ab_linkbm.exe to create bookmarks by searching the texts

This command tell ab_linkbm.exe to merge duplicate title bookmarks in level 1 and level 2. For example: If there are five duplicate Table 1, program will take only the first Table 1. This command also tell ab_linkbm.exe to sort bookmarks in level 2 by referencing page number. If you want to sort bookmark alphabetically, you need to do it manually later. After sorting, ab_linkbm.exe will change all bookmarks to uppercase and set Zoom type to Actual size (100%).

This command tell ab_linkbm.exe to search text xxxxx in any bookmark and replace with text yyyyy.

this command tell ab_linkbm.exe to change all bookmark to upper case and convert bookmark to Destination. Automation Batch Software

ab_linkbm.exe has three options: 1) Create bookmark only, 2) Creating Links only and 3) Create both bookmark and links. All of the three options using command describe in rul file. Automation Batch Software

☛ Full Command List

☛ Sample Rul 1

☛ Sample Rul 2

☛ Sample master external rul
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103. ab_Searchfilename This program search any filename on your system and copy to C:\ab_search\found
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105. ab_openpdf This program automatically open every 10 PDFs, then close and continue till all PDFs (20,000 PDFs) in any directory/folder, or on DVD to check for damaged/error message. If one PDF damaged, program will pop up a window and stop. Program also provide a timing log and option to pause every 10 PDFs.

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