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1. ab_linkbm.exe : To Create Bookmarks and Links

Updated: 5/10/2016. *** Correction for PAUSE due to different PC setting Options. Running good on Windows 7,10, Autobookmarks 5.9.9., Acrobat X, XI

** This program runs Autobookmark in batch from a rul similar the old InfoLinker rul. It creates both bookmarks and links for all PDFs in current directory. Users can choose option: bookmark only, link only, or both link and bookmark. While running, program also creates a log to show any error on specific rul line.If the PDF does not have its own rul, program will change it current links to upper case, then close and continue with next PDF. Therefore, users can use program without rul to convert all links to uppercase.

**Even though, users can create both bookmarks and links in one click(one step); the best procedure for beginning users is to create bookmarks first, correct any error/missing, then create links later (two steps).

Downloading all files at 4your-testing at the bottom of this page will help to understand how program work

Sample logs 4 PDFs:    bookmark only   | Index log  | Search Index log  | Linking only log
Sample logs for 62 PDFs:    bookmark only   |   Links only   |   Link and bookmark   

Sample Spreadsheet Report

NOTE: You can use 8. ab_find_change to convert old rul to new or adding new command for thousand rul in one click

Extra Requirement: Acrobat, Autobookmark, and keyxxx.pdf.
PDF name and rul must be the same: sssoJAPm3r.pdf, sssoJAPm3r.rul. File name does not contain space nor special character. The rul can reside in both of the current PDF folder or C:\autobookmarklib\RULES_bmk

How to run: Copy ab_linkbm.exe and keyxxx.pdf to PDF directory and double click on ab_linkbm.exe to run. User will need support abm file and rul file (Detail to create abm and rul).

If you need to convert all (thousand) PDFs that linked with InfoLinker/Infolinker plus to new system of Autobookmark, please read Converting Steps Converting Steps or email

ab_linkbm.exe has several types: 64bits, 86 for 64bits & 32bits, version 4.8, 5.7, or version 5.9 depends on your PC and AutoBookmark version. ABprogram provides log for entire batch of PDFs, log for individual PDF, log summary for any linking error....

**abprograms make Autobookmark capable to use the same rul as the old InfoLinker, to work better and faster than both Infolinker/Infolinker Plus. Users can run hundreds books in one click.

You should use 86 for 32 bits or if your PC has the folder: C:\Program Files (x86)

Autobookmark Version Info

Autobookmark NEWS

ab_linkbm_v6.2 ** January 16, 2017

. . . . .

You can see sample ruls, logs, and how ab_linkbm_v5.8_86.exe created bookmarks for 62 PDFs at
Testing 62 PDFs

Down Load:

After downloading e2e, change the extension to exe. If you cannot see the download frame, please click the following link:


1. ab_linkbm.exe

All price is for one year
Please email if you want to pay directly to Acct at Bank of America
Updatable Qty Automation Batch Software


FOR YOUR TESTING in the folder: "4yourtesting"

We use three average PDFs for your testing:

usc10@114-11.pdf contains 4369 pages
usc16@114-11.pdf contains 3957 pages
usc26@114-11.pdf contains 6445 pages

Please copy to a folder on your PC the above three PDFs along with their three ruls:

And the sample support files template: abm, IMPORT.txt, and WORDS.txt:


Choose one appropriate program:

ab_linkbm_v4.8_64.exe ** For Autobookmark VERSION 4.8, 64bits

ab_linkbm_v4.8_86.exe ** For Autobookmark VERSION 4.8, 32bits

ab_linkbm_v5.7_64.exe ** For Autobookmark VERSION 5.7, 64bits

ab_linkbm_v5.7_86.exe ** For Autobookmark VERSION 5.7, 32bits
Double click the program exe, and you will have the results. The logs let you know more important info for improving your rul

You can run bookmark first by choose the option "Bookmark only"
Then continue to run Links with the option "Link Only"
You should choose to run both for the repeated/familiar PDFs
If you put command #END at any line, program will complete the current PDF at that line and continue with next PDF
For multiple same items, such as CHAPTER 1, 2,.... for PART A and CHAPTER 1, 2,.... for PART B, C... You can run bookmark manually with one chapters.abm. Then change bookmark and convert to destination
CHAPTER 1 P_A, 2 P_A,.... for PART A
CHAPTER 1 P_B, 2 P_B,.... for PART B

Or you can create a specific bookmark for each Chapters on Part A, Part B.....
Multiple destination names for one destination is ok:
CHAPTER 1, CHAPTER 1 PREPARATION, OR CHAPTER 1 P_A can jump to the same page.
Deleting bookmark CHAPTER 1 does not affect Destination CHAPTER 1. However, deleting destination will cause bookmark unusable.

The more Destination is the better for linking. You may need to arrange bookmarks, delete most of them for a simple view, and no need to touch Destination.

For your testing

After downloading e2e, change the extension to exe. If you cannot see the download frame, please click the following link:


For the old program (3. ab_linkonly) of linking-only to use the new program (1. ab_linkbm)

Four important differences for the new program (1. ab_linkbm):
1 ** User can choose: bookmark only, link only, and both
2 **The path for support file
3 **The path for rul file
C:\autobookmarklib\RULES_bmk\ Detail
Command Syntax
Command List

More Trouble shoot

More Trouble shoot


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